Wednesday, 17 October 2018

My Driving Experience; Tests, Cars and My First 6 Months

I finally did it! On April 16th this year, I passed my driving test! 
If you have read my blog for a while you will know I have been wanting to pass my test for the longest time and it eventually happened, after all the times I nearly gave up, I am pleased I never.

Previous Tests.
I had taken and failed 3 tests before passing my 4th. My first test was the start of May 2017. I failed that one due to messing up my reverse round a corner, I caught the curb and failed. My second one was the end of that same month, I failed that for the exact same thing. I was so annoyed with myself. I then chose to go with a different instructor as I felt like I was progressing with the instructor I had. I took my third test in March of this year and failed that for clipping a roundabout 2 minutes into my test! Last but not least I took my final test in April and passed. I had to do a parallel park which when he told me that I thought I was going to fail but somehow, I managed it and passed. When he told me I didn't believe him at first.

Choosing My Car.
So for a while before passing my test I knew exactly what I wanted. I had always drove fiestas I loved them so I knew that was what I would like for myself. Before my test I was looking round and seen a car dealership near me who had the perfect one. I enquired online about it the day I passed my test and they rang me the next day. I went up and viewed it, gave it a test drive and signed the forms. I had the car a week later and 6 months later I am still in love with it. I went for a 59 plate Ford Fiesta Zetec. I opted for a 5 door as it is more practical for me and my family. 

My First 6 Months Driving
Over the last 6 months my confidence has grown so much. I drove on the motorway about 5 weeks after I passed, I drove to Glasgow which is 1 hour and a half way from where I live. It was scary on the way home as it was pitch black and very bad rain but I did it and I am still proud. I have also drove down to Blackpool a few times too. I am getting a lot more confident with parking and driving in general. I am still nervous about going through a drive-thru and have been putting it off since I passed, I should probably do it soon though! I remember at first I was terrified to go fill my car up but now it doesn't bother me so I am hoping that will happen with drive-thru's too.

That is all for my post about my driving experience! I hope you enjoyed this post.
Thanks for reading,
Keira x

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