Saturday, 2 December 2017

Younique 3D Fibre Mascara Review; Blogmas day 2

Hi everyone, today's post in Blogmas is going to be a review on my new favourite mascara! This is the Younique 3D fibre mascara. You may remember everyone a few years ago going on about this mascara when it first launched, I remember it was everywhere and it looked amazing but I never gave it a try. This was until I finally bit the bullet in becoming a Younique representative. I am just going to add a quick disclaimer by saying just because I am a representative doesn't mean that I am just saying this as I work for them as I genuinely wouldn't use or talk about any product that I don't love myself. .
Enough of the rambling on and time to get on with my review.

As you can see from the picture above the difference in my lashes are amazing! I do have naturally long eyelashes but when I am using this mascara they look fantastic. It isn't a normal mascara to use as such, you apply the clear gel to your lashes first then you apply the fibres over the top of the gel, the fibres then add to the length and volume of the lashes. You then apply the clear gel over the fibre to seal it in. 
As well as making my lashes look amazing my eyelashes feel lighter, when I wear normal mascara I can feel it on my lashes but this is really soft and doesn't feel mascara at all. I really am in love with this mascara. It also comes in a really cute case too.

If you are interested in getting this mascara you can purchase it via me from here for only £23. I am also going to be giving one of these away for FREE via my facebook page which you can check out here. I will be giving away the free one very soon so be sure to check out my facebook page and give it a like so you don't miss out.

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