Friday, 8 December 2017

Christmas Gift Guide- Stocking Fillers For Him Under £10

Hi everyone, today I am going to be do part 2 of my Christmas gift guide. Today I am going to be talking about 5 stocking fillers for him under £10. 

Beer Shower Gel £7.50 The Great Gift Company
This is what I would call your usual stocking filler, something small and fun! When I seen this beer shower gel I knew I had to add it to my gift guide, shower gel is something everyone uses and having a beer one makes it a lot more appealing for men! 

Beard Buddy Shaving Apron £8.99 I Want One Of Those
This one is a funny novelty gift as well. Instead of getting beard hair all in the sink or on the floor etc this apron will catch all the hairs instead, will make cleaning up easier thats for sure!

Man Flu Rescue Tea £4.95 Not On The High Street
We all know a man who suffers with man flu at some point in the year don't we? Soon as I seen this I knew I had to add it to this post as it is something I should probably get my dad ( he has man flu at the moment!! ). The tea is lemon flavoured but does have things in it to make you feel better when you are not feeling too well.

Credit Card Power Bank £8.99 Prezzy Box
Don't you just hate it when your having a long day out and not getting chance to charge your phone then the time comes and it dies! You could get a portable charger for your phone but most of them are bulky.... or are they? This one that I have found online is slim enough to slip into your wallet so its hardly noticeable. No more phones dying when you need them not too!

Golf Ball Finder Glasses £9.99 Menkind
Golf is such a mans game, I know a few men that play golf so when I seen this gift I thought it was such a fun and cool idea. The idea behind this is you put them on to find the ball as it cancels out the grass and makes the ball stand out so you can see it clearly. No more rummaging around in the grass trying to find it!

Hope you all enjoyed this post and I will see you in the next one!

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