Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Meet the Blogger Behind... Actually Anna

Hi everyone, today I have my third post in the 'Meet the Blogger Behind' Series. Today I am introducing you to the lovely Annaleid. If you are interested in taking part in this series then leave me your email in the comments and I will send you and email over with the details. 

1. Introduce yourself and your blog. My name is Annaleid and my blog is called Actually Anna.

2. What made you start blogging? I thought about blogging for a while, but actually was too scared to put myself out there. At some point I finally found the confidence, made my first weebly blog and posted my first post. I really wish I started blogging sooner, because I love being creative and making the content for my blog.

3. How long have you been blogging? My blog is actually quiet young and I'll be celebrating my first blog anniversary this November. 

4. Favourite thing about blogging? My favourite thing about blogging is coming up with new creative content and I really enjoy the process of creating it. I'v discovered that I love making pictures for my blog and writing a blog post is surprisingly something I really enjoy.I'm dyslectic so I've never really liked writing, because I thought I wasn't good at it.

5. Least favourite thing about blogging? I have to be honest and say that I haven't discovered anything that I dislike about blogging.
6. What do you use to take your blog pictures? To take blog photo's I use my Nikon D3300 with the AF-P 18-55 mm lens. When I'm out and about I don't always carry around my Nikon camera, so often I take these on my phone ( Samsung Galaxy S4 ). 

7. Blogging advice for a newbie. My advice would be just start blogging and don't care what other people might think. The blogging community is really supportive and helpful. Just "You do you" and that's what makes your blog special.

8. Do you do Youtube? If not, would you give it a try? At the moment I'm not making youtube videos, but I would love to try it in the future. At the moment I'm really busy finishing my master degree ( my final year of uni ever! ), gymnastics practise and blogging.

9. What are your favourite posts to read? My favourite posts are the 'get to know the blogger' posts. I really like reading posts with personal facts and blogger tags that share more personal information about the person behind the blog.

10. Sum up Blogging in one word. My outlet in creativity and sharing my passion.


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A huge thank you to Annaleid for taking part in my series!
Thanks for reading

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  1. Such a great post and I'm so homered to take part in this!
    Xoxo Annaleid