Monday, 4 September 2017

Clean and Dry Makeup Brush Cleaner; Review

Hi everyone, today I have a review on my new beauty find that I am loving! About 6 months ago I seen lots of people talking about the StylPro Makeup Brush cleanser and dryer. I set off to buy it then couldn't find it in my local Boots and was gutted. I then just never got round to ordering it online. The original one is £49.99 so it is a little pricey but good for what it does. 
I recently download the app called Wish onto my phone and was giving it a browse when I found loads of people had copies off the original one. I added one to my basket to give it a try and see how good it is for the price. I hate cleaning my makeup brushes so something like this is a dream.
It only took 10 days to come which I was so happy about as it said it was going to take around a month.
When it came I couldn't wait to try it out so almost straight away I tried it. I have been using it with my Real Techniques Deep Cleansing gel as that is my normal makeup brush cleaner.
The bowl itself if plastic where as the StylPro one is glass I think. The handle that you use does feel very cheap and the cover for the batteries keeps falling off too but I can deal wit that.

This picture was taken before I cleaned my brushes. As you can see they are quiet dirty! I haven't cleaned my brushes in so long (oops) so plenty of product had built up over time on them. I was just going to clean these 3 just to get a feel of it but ended up cleaning my whole brush collection. 

As you can see from the above picture the brushes do look cleaner. They do still have a bit of product on but I think that is just stained now as there is no product coming off them anymore. They are so fluffy and soft now too! I was so impressed that I went on and done the rest of my brushes and a lot of the smaller ones came out a lot cleaner and looked pretty much good as new. 

I am so happy with this find and can't believe it only cost me £9!! So much cheaper than the StylPro one.
If you are wanting to find an easier way to clean your brushes and want to try the StylPro one but don't want to pay the price, give this one a try. You will not be disappointed!

Thanks for reading,
Keira x

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