Friday, 4 August 2017

Why I deleted my old blog.

Hi everyone, something I don't think I have mentioned on this blog is about the blog I had around 5 years ago. I started off with a blog called 'The Secret Blogger' which I started when I was really ill and off school and needed something to do with my time. I changed the name to 'Makeup By Keira' and thats where it all started to come together.
I was doing really with my blog, working with brands, had a good amount of following etc. I loved it my blog was my world. I even attended a blogger meet up with a few of the bloggers where I live.
Blogging back then was my passion, I spent everyday writing posts up, taking pictures, I even did a few challenge type posts and I was really into it.
Blogging was my only way of dealing with everyone, I was so ill and had nobody to really speak to especially over the summer before I started college. I had really bad anxiety and depression back then but blogging helped me get through it and I felt like I had a passion.
This was all good until some of the girls I used to go to school with who bullied me found out about. I first realised they had found out when one of them liked my picture from my blogging Instagram account ( this is why I wont use Instagram for my blog at the moment ). I instantly blocked her and then made my account private thinking that would be the end of it, but it wasn't. They were then making fake blog accounts calling the account blog then following each other, they clearly thought I was stupid enough to think it wasn't them. 
The worst part though was when they came into my work and started giving me abuse over it, being really mean and causing lots of hassle. I came home from that shift and deleted everything, including the blog itself. I was scared for the longest time every time I was in work that they would come back in to cause trouble, but they carried on even into my next job I had but that soon stopped when I moved to another store in a different town. Luckily they don't know where I work now and I have been there a year!
Looking back I wish I didn't let them bother me, I wish I could of turned around and said ' Yes I have a blog. Yes I am proud of it.' But I didn't. 
That all totally knocked my confidence and me feel like never blogging again, hence why it has took me 3 years to finally come back into the blogging world. If I hadn't of stopped back then who know where my original blog could of been now.
I still keep this blog private now and haven't told anyone, mainly as I don't want it to go off like last time. If it did though I don't think I would delete everything again.

If on the off chance you are any of the girls who used to bully me and made me feel that low that I had to delete it I have something to say to you. ' This is my blog, I love it, I am proud of it. Nothing you will say will ruin it for me.'  

Keira x

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