Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Meet the Blogger Behind... Glitz and Glitter

Hi everyone, today I have the second post in my Meet the blogger behind series. Today we have Mimi from Glitz and Glitter here to introduce herself and answer some questions about blogging! If you are interested in taking part yourself leave me your email in the comments and I will pop you an email over. 

1.Introduce yourself and your blog Hi I'm Mimi the creator of Glitz and Glitter! I started Glitz and Glitter in late of May 2017 as my dream blog that I never thought I would actually do. Glitz and Glitter is a beauty, lifestyle and sometime fashion blog that is a little bit sassy, a lot of fun and a whole lot of glitz and glitter.

2. What made you start blogging? I started my blog because of my sister, actually. She was looking into Wordpress for making a book blog and I was using Blogger at the time for my blog (which I only posted to once in a blue moon!) I saw how gorgeous the Wordpress designs were and how much it was than Blogger, so I made the switch and started Glitz and Glitter.

3. How long have you been blogging? In total, I have been blogging for about a year. On Glitz and Glitter, I have been blogging since May of 2017.

4. Favourite thing about blogging? My favourite thing about blogging is the creativity. There are so many different kinds of blogs out there and there is a place for all of them! You can do just about anything on your blog and it reaches a lot of people around the world! I also get to talk about whatever I love and I hope that my blog inspires others to do what they love to do!

5. Least favourite thing about blogging? My least favourite thing about blogging...I'm not quiet sure.  There are defiantly a lot of days where I think to myself "why are people reading what I write? There are hundreds of other blogs that are better than mine." and I put myself down a lot about it. But at the same time,  I try to tell myself that the more well known bloggers started somewhere too,  so why not me?

6.  What do you use to take your blog pictures? I use my iPhone 5s and my Canon Power Shot SX530 HS camera! Both are great for blog photos! 

7. Blogging advice for a newbie? My blogging advice for any new blogger is pretty simple: Never give up, stay positive, follow your passions, and talk to other bloggers. I have met a lot of fabulous people through twitter and Instagram and I am part of such a great community now that I never imaged possible. Don't be scared to leave a comment on someones tweet or photo. 

8. Do you do youtube? If not, would you give it a try? Well, I have a channel that I set up with all intentions of making videos for, but that never happened. I would totally consider Youtube in the future, though! I think blogging is more of my niche right now though.

9. What are your favourite posts to read? My favourite posts are Get To Know Me tags,  beauty tips, product reviews and OOTDs. Personal stories are also very touching to read!

10. Sum up blogging in one word; Unique.

Twitter: @Glitz_Glitter8
Instagram: glitz_glitter_blog
Youtube: Queen Mimi

A huge thank you to Mimi for taking part in this series and make sure you go check out her blog!

Thanks for reading
Keira x
Monday, 28 August 2017

Simply Scented Millionaire Bath Bomb

Hi everyone, today I have a review on the Simply Scented bath bomb in the scent 'Millionaire.' I was looking around a local shop in a near by town that stock a lot of the Simply Scented products. I went in to get some of the wax melts but ended up getting this as well. 
The bath bombs come in a variety of different scents from fruit to perfume. Lady Million has to be one of my all time favourite perfumes and when I seen this was the same scent I knew I had to give it a try.
Soon as I opened the package when I was ready to use it the smell hit me and it really does smell like Lady Million, its amazing!
I popped it into my bath and it made go a yellow/green colour. I tried to take a picture of it for this post but it didn't turn out well so I haven't included it.
Soon as I got into the bath my skin started to feel so soft! The smell of the bath bomb disappeared after a while but then I do like to be in the bath for a long time so all in all it is really good.
I am so impressed with this bath bomb and how much it really does smell like the perfume! I will be getting more of these in different scents to give them a try. It was very reasonably priced too at only £3!

Thanks for reading,
Keira x

Friday, 25 August 2017

A Guide to Gifts*

Hi everyone, As my birthday is coming up people have been asking me what I want for my birthday, and as usual I am really stuck for ideas! I found a website called 'Uncommon goods' which has a huge variety of cool and quirky gifts! There is something for everyone on this website whether you are looking for personalised gifts to make them extra special, anniversary gifts for that special someone or Birthday gifts for your nearest and dearest. There really is something for everyone!
Not only do they sell amazing products they are a fabulous company who love giving back. In 2001 they created the 'Better to give programme' this allows you to select a non-profit organisation to donate $1 from them when you checkout. Since starting it up they have donated over $1,000,000.
They also are working with their suppliers to make sure their products are made in a environmentally responsible manner. Since they have founded they have featured products that contain recycled compartments and have never sold any products containing fur, feather or leather as they are committed to not selling products that will harm people or animals, which personally I think is great!

I have picked out a few of my favourite gifts that I seen on the website that I will 100% be adding to my birthday wish list.

My Life Story So Far
I seen this book almost soon as I went on the site and was instantly drawn to it! It looks such a fun idea and something I have never seen before. It starts off right from birth asking about everything from the year you were born. It then moves on to your childhood, your memories and your favourites. The next section is all about your family roots; filling in lots of details about your family. It then goes on to about you growing up such as school and trends. There is many more sections to this book but I don't want to spoil it for anyone if they are thinking of getting it. 

Scratch Map
If you have read any of my previous posts you will know I love travelling and what a cool way to document the places you have travelled to by using a scratch map. The concept behind this is that you scratch off a country you have visited, making it a way for people who see the poster to know where exactly you have been to as it is colourful underneath so you can easily where has been scratched up. This is the perfect give for anyone who loves to travel.

Smartphone Instant Photo Lab
I love taking pictures and I am currently starting a photo wall in my bedroom but hate waiting for photo's to be delivered and printed. This instant photo lab will solve that issue, it prints the photo right there and then for you! How cool is that? I love the retro look of the printer too, it looks like an old fashioned camera! An easy and quick way to get instant polaroids! How cool would this be at a wedding or a party?

Thanks for reading
Keira x

*disclaimer; this post is sponsored by Uncommon goods but this does not effect my thoughts and views as they are my own.
Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Meet the Blogger Behind...Keira Toni

Hi everyone today I am going to be kicking off my new weekly series called 'Meet the Blogger behind...' Back when I was blogging years ago I had a little series where I would have a guest blogger introduce them self to my readers and answer a few questions. It was a fun idea and I loved it as it helps people find new blogs and get to know the person behind the blog.
I am starting off this week with myself and I will have a new post to this series every Wednesday. If you want to take part leave me your email in the comments below and I will pop you an email over with the details!
Enough of the explanations and on with the questions.

1. Introduce yourself and your blog: I'm Keira a 20 year old blogger from Northern England and I blog about beauty and life on my blog Keira Toni.

2. What made you start blogging? I originally started blogging when I was ill and not going to school. Blogging was my way of coping with depression. I started blogging again earlier this year as I missed it and wanted to give it a try again.

3. How long have you been blogging? If not counting the break 4 years but if we mean on this blog 2 months.

4. Favourite thing about blogging? The community,  you are all so nice.

5. Least favourite thing about blogging? Taking pictures or finding the motivation to take the pictures.

6. What do you use to take your blog pictures? I just use my iPhone 7, nothing too fancy just yet.

7. Blogging advice for a newbie? Don't spam people with follow for follow or check out my blog constantly, it can be a too much.

8.  Do you do youtube? If not, would you ever give it a try? Youtube is something I keep wanting to try but keep getting too nervous too.

9. What are your favourite posts to read? Product reviews and life stuff. I love them.

10. Sum up blogging in one word; Exciting.

Twitter- @keiratoni
Bloglovin- keiratoni
Instagram- N/A
Snapchat- kte.1996
Youtube- N/A

Thanks for reading 
Keira x
Monday, 21 August 2017


Hi everyone, today I am going to be talking about something I have wanted to get off my chest for a while and that is the subject of tattoos. First off I am going to throw it out there and say I have 6 tattoos of my own and I am not done with them I have a few more planned that I can not wait to get.
What I do want to talk about is the negativity around tattoos.
I was having a conversation with a colleague at work who aired his views off women getting tattoos and people who are covered in tattoos to me and it really wound me up.
First off he told me women shouldn't get tattoos as it is unattractive and makes them look tacky, especially when they are covered in them. I pulled him up and said so I look tacky as I have tattoos to which he didn't know what to say and tried to take it back. Now I am not saying what he said was wrong as everyone has their own opinions and they are entitled to them but to say it to someone you know has tattoos is just a little bit too much.
He then decided it would be good to get real into the conversation by going on about how people have tattoos are ashamed of their body and that if they were to get assessed by a psychiatrist having tattoos would go as a negative as it shows self harm. I walked away after hearing this as I was so shocked.
In this day it is still frowned up on to have tattoos, why? Most people have tattoos now but why do some people feel the need to make people feel crap because they have them and other people hate them.
I see tattoos as art and a way of expressing yourself. Tattoos are part of who you are.
If you don't have tattoo's then thats your choice. If you do have tattoos then guess what? that is also your choice! People may not like them but that is up to them! If you don't like them, keep your thoughts to yourself! 
I have seen online people slating mothers for having tattoos. Saying they are bad mums for having a tattoo. How does that work? The child and the mother are two separate people. The mothers tattoos do not effect the child in any way at all. 

Anyway enough of my rant.
Thanks for reading
Keira x
Friday, 18 August 2017

I'm back!

Hi everyone, just a quick post today to let you all know that I am back blogging after taking about 10 days off! I didn't plan to take a break at all but I have been sorting stuff for me to move out of my mums house and into my dads. I am hoping to be moved out by the end of the weekend and I am so excited to start doing my room up and make my room look great.
I have also had my first appointment at the hospital to get the ball rolling into finding out what is up with me so hopefully I will have more answers soon.
Finally I have finally sorted out more driving lessons to build up my confidence and I am hoping to book my test again very very soon!
Thats it for today, posts will return as usual from Monday.
Thanks for reading,
Friday, 4 August 2017

Why I deleted my old blog.

Hi everyone, something I don't think I have mentioned on this blog is about the blog I had around 5 years ago. I started off with a blog called 'The Secret Blogger' which I started when I was really ill and off school and needed something to do with my time. I changed the name to 'Makeup By Keira' and thats where it all started to come together.
I was doing really with my blog, working with brands, had a good amount of following etc. I loved it my blog was my world. I even attended a blogger meet up with a few of the bloggers where I live.
Blogging back then was my passion, I spent everyday writing posts up, taking pictures, I even did a few challenge type posts and I was really into it.
Blogging was my only way of dealing with everyone, I was so ill and had nobody to really speak to especially over the summer before I started college. I had really bad anxiety and depression back then but blogging helped me get through it and I felt like I had a passion.
This was all good until some of the girls I used to go to school with who bullied me found out about. I first realised they had found out when one of them liked my picture from my blogging Instagram account ( this is why I wont use Instagram for my blog at the moment ). I instantly blocked her and then made my account private thinking that would be the end of it, but it wasn't. They were then making fake blog accounts calling the account blog then following each other, they clearly thought I was stupid enough to think it wasn't them. 
The worst part though was when they came into my work and started giving me abuse over it, being really mean and causing lots of hassle. I came home from that shift and deleted everything, including the blog itself. I was scared for the longest time every time I was in work that they would come back in to cause trouble, but they carried on even into my next job I had but that soon stopped when I moved to another store in a different town. Luckily they don't know where I work now and I have been there a year!
Looking back I wish I didn't let them bother me, I wish I could of turned around and said ' Yes I have a blog. Yes I am proud of it.' But I didn't. 
That all totally knocked my confidence and me feel like never blogging again, hence why it has took me 3 years to finally come back into the blogging world. If I hadn't of stopped back then who know where my original blog could of been now.
I still keep this blog private now and haven't told anyone, mainly as I don't want it to go off like last time. If it did though I don't think I would delete everything again.

If on the off chance you are any of the girls who used to bully me and made me feel that low that I had to delete it I have something to say to you. ' This is my blog, I love it, I am proud of it. Nothing you will say will ruin it for me.'  

Keira x
Wednesday, 2 August 2017

July round up.

Hi guys, can you believe we are in August already?! Where is this year going? I can't believe I am 21 next month!
Today I am going to be a round up on last month and looking back at what has gone on!
I started the month off by flying out to Portugal with my family for a week and it was great. I did a post here showing you some of the pictures from my trip. 
After my holiday was over I dove straight back into blogging after not blogging properly for a very long time. I bought myself a new Macbook as my laptop had totally broke and since getting the Macbook I have found blogging so much easier.
Towards the end of the month me and my best friend did a very spontaneous trip to Glasgow. We were planning on going to the Metro Centre but missed the train so we just jumped on the next train out of our city and we ended up in Glasgow!
I also applied for a college course to help me achieve the career of my dream which I spoke about in my previous post.
All in all July has been a pretty good month and I can not wait to see what next month will hold!
Thanks for reading,
Keira x