Tuesday, 11 July 2017

UPDATE: Where have all my posts gone?

Hi everyone, I didn't expect to be writing this post today as I have so many ideas for posts at the moment which I am working on at the moment but I feel like I have to write this post now. Basically today I decided that I wasn't feeling the pink and white theme for my blog. I want to have a clean looking blog and I just didn't want to have the pink now. I felt like changing it up to go for classic black and white look now. I changed everything and I am now happy with my layout and theme but I had such a problem with changing the font colour from my posts. After an hour or so I worked out it was through the app I had been using had somehow messed it up so I couldn't change font colour. It was too much hassle to go back and delete stuff from the app to change it all. I got myself so annoyed I deleted all the posts that wouldn't change which ended up being them all apart from two. I have calmed down a lot now though and have decided that now them posts are gone, I can do them again but to my new theme for my blog. I also will be buying my blog domain in the coming weeks so that will also be changing to. I also am kind of changing the types of posts I will be doing on here too, I want to have a lot of makeup look posts on here as I love doing makeup so it will be fun for me to do posts with different looks. Also I want to do some travel posts as I love travelling and it is something I want to do so much more travelling and it will be fun to share with you my journey. Finally I will be doing some life posts talking about different things to do with my life!
Here's to the new start here on my blog!
Thanks for reading 
Keira X

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