Thursday, 13 July 2017

My Fibromyalgia Story

Hi everyone, today is going to be a different type of post. I am going to be talking to you about my Fibromyalgia story. I feel like it is something I want to talk about here on my blog as it is part of me and who I am. I am not looking for attention with this post either, I am writing this for myself and possibly anyone else who has fibro or knows someone who does have it. It is going to be quiet a long post so you might want to get a brew before reading!
For as long as I can remember I have struggled with back ache if I am standing or walking for too long. When I used to go to football away matches with my dad if there was no seats in the away stand I struggled and most the time I had to sit on the ground.
Around 7 or so years ago I woke up one day with the most horrendous back pain and feeling sick. I went off to school but got sent home as I kept being sick. I ended up going to the doctors who admitted straight into childrens ward. This is where it all started to kick off. I was in for 5 days as I was severely dehydrated from being sick due to the pain. They put it down to a water infection in the end after sending me for an ultrasound scan.
A couple of weeks later it happened again, the pain and the sickness were back. I ended up back in hospital and the same stuff all happened again.
This kept happening and I seen countless different consultants from different departments. I seen a gynaecologist ( this is important for a different post I will be getting round to doing when I know more ).
About a year later and countless more stays in hospital I seen a rheumatologist consultant who decided it was something to do with my bones. I went to see this doctor again as an outpatient who referred me for CT and MRI scans. 
I was then passed around most the consultants on that department until the final one told me I had fibromyalgia. A condition that causes pain in the muscles, joints and ligaments. Causes forgetfulness knows as fibro fog and the main one I suffer with is insomnia.
The consultant referred me for physiotherapy which for me, didn't help at all. 
I still suffer with the pain now and I am always in pain but it is bareable now. I haven't had a really bad flare up in a long time which I am so pleased about. 
The only part I really suffer with is the insomnia. I can go for weeks with having about 2 hours sleep a night, no matter what I do I just can not get to sleep. Luckily this isn't all the time and at the moment my sleeping hasn't been too bad. 

As well as fibro I am currently under investigation for something else that is really hard for me to talk about and come to terms with. I am waiting to go to the hospital to see a specialist about this. I will be doing a post on this when I can but at the moment I have very little knowledge about the condition.

If you or you know someone with fibro ever need anyone to talk to I am always here and willing to talk to people about it so we can support each other.

Thanks for reading.
Keira x


  1. Fibromyalgia is such a tough disease. I'm so sorry to hear you're struggling. Sending healing thoughts your way.