Monday, 24 July 2017

12 Baby Names I love but might not use

This TAG I have seen floating around on Youtube for a while now and I love watching them. It is the baby names I love but might not be using. Normally it is talking about ones that I wont be using but all of them on this list I would maybe use. I just also want to add that I am not pregnant and not planning on having babies any time soon but I thought it would be fun to do as I love these type of TAGS.
I have 6 girls and 6 boys names to share with you.


Evelyn- This has been my favourite name for a while now. It is an older name but I think it is coming back in fashion again now. I found this name when playing sims and naming my person and it came up on the randomiser and I fell in love with it. 
Grace- Before Evelyn this was my number one name but then literally everyone started naming their babies Grace, including my cousin who used it in his daughters name.
Evie-Rae- I love the name Evie-Rae, I love how cute it sounds as one name. I would say this is my second choice name if I did ever have a girl although I do know someone who has a baby and have named her this, I was so annoyed when I seen haha.
Aurora- This is either a love it or hate it name. Although I am Disney obsessed I haven't chose this name because of Sleeping Beauty. I just think it is a really cute name and very different. 
Elodie- I love this name again I think it is so pretty but the only reason I don't think I could use this is because my best friends number one baby name is Melodie and they are too close.
Lily- This last girls name will always be on my list as my nana was called Lily, when she died I knew I wanted to have a daughter called Lily after her.


Harry- This has always been my favourite name for as long as I can remember. I do see myself using this name if I ever have a son.
Alfie- Like Harry, I have always loved the name Alfie. It is such a typical name for boys these days and I love it! 
Archie- This one is newer to my list, I have only just started liking this one in the last few months and now I love it. When I heard it a few years ago I wasn't keen but my mind soon changed.
Charlie- I love this name it is so adorable, but the number one reason I can't use this is because my aunties dog is called Charlie! 
Dylan- This is a name you never really hear people naming their babies now. I know of a few Dylan's but they are all around my age or older. I still love the name though and hopefully it will come back in again.
Oscar- The last name on my list is Oscar. I always wanted to name my son if I had one Oscar, that was until my cousin named her little boy Oscar and then a close family friend used it too, that wrote the name off totally for me so I won't be able to use it now as I know two people who have used it.

What names do you like?

Thanks for reading,
Keira x


  1. Some really sweet names on this list. I've had to stop keeping a list of possible names myself, because every time I find a new one and file it away as a possibility, someone I know has a baby and uses it. Lol

    1. Haha, it annoys me when people use the name I like. Me and my friend were talking about baby names the other night and she said likes Harry and I said nope I'm using that one haha x