Friday, 21 July 2017

101 Things to do in 1001 days.

Hi everyone, so today I am going to be sharing with you 101 things I want to achieve in 1001 days. I love reading posts like this and I feel like having my own will motivate me to do more. I am going to keep coming back to this post to cross off things as and when I do them. Hopefully by the time the 1001 days are up I will have completed them all! At the moment I am 20, nearly 21 and in 1001 days I will be 23. Which is quiet scary to think really!

Todays date- 21/07/2017
1001 days away- 17/04/2020

1. Pass my driving test.
2. Visit Florida.
3. Have moved out my mums home and have my own flat.
4. Completed all the Canary Islands.
5. Have a career that I enjoy.
6. Go the gym at least 3 times a week for a month.
7. Don't eat chocolate for a week.
8. Cut out fizzy drinks for a week.
9. Read at least 3 books a month.
10. Learn to cook more recipes.
11. Take makeup classes.
12. Spend a weekend in New York.
13. Run a 5k
14. Blog everyday for a month without missing a day.
15. Own a Citroen C1.
16. Tone up, until I feel comfortable in my body again.
17. Go glamping for the night.
18. Go on a ghost tour.
19. Visit Aira Force.
20. Do meatless Monday's for at least 1 month.
21. Try at least 10 new foods I have never had before.
22. Go a month without drinking any alcohol.
23. Make a mug cake.
24. Make a year long scrap book.
25. Start going to football matches again.
26. Meet a celebrity.
27. Be in the crowd of a TV show.
28. Finish watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix.
29. Start a bullet journal.
30. Drink the right amount of water everyday for a month.
31. Do the 100 day spending ban.
32. Reach 100 blog followers.
33. Buy a bike and go on a bike ride.
34. Swim with dolphins.
35. Donate blood.
36. Do at least one weekly vlog and post it to youtube.
37. Spend the weekend in London.
38. Have no takeaway for a month.
39. Buy my domain.
40. Write a letter for myself in 10 years time.
41. Answer the 50 questions that will free your mind.
42. Have no internet for the whole day.
43. Digital detox for a week.
44. See a musical in the west end.
45. Throw a Halloween party.
46. See the Northern Lights.
47. Add £1 a day to my savings for at least 6 months.
48. Learn Spanish.
49. Become first aid trained.
50. Host a blog giveaway.
51. Be able to do press ups.
55. Be able to do sit ups unaided.
56. Ride a horse.
57. Research my family tree.
58. Go skiing.
59. Go to a Yoga class.
60. Go down to Sheffield twice a year.
61. Visit Disneyland Paris at Christmas time.
62. Do a pass plus driving course.
63. Declutter all my makeup and downsize my collection.
64. Get a professional massage.
65. Buy a DSLR camera.
66. Go swimming once a week for a month.
67. Ride a rollercoaster.
68. Fly in a helicopter.
69. Reach 1000 twitter followers.
70. Visit 10 new Cities in the UK.
80. Visit 5 new countries.
81. Complete the couch to 5k.
82. Reach 200 blog followers.
83. Reach 10,000 page views on my blog.
84. Meet a blogger friend.
85. Own my own pet.
86. Pay off my finances.
87. Be in London for New Years Eve for the firework show.
88. Go to a karaoke bar.
89. Write down my thoughts everyday for a month.
90. Complete a thankful journal.
91. Decorate my bedroom.
92. Take a selfie a day for a year.
93. Write cards for my best friends thanking them for being them.
94. Sort out my wardrobe, give to charity what I no longer want.
95. Make my own bath bombs.
96. Eat 5 of my 5 a day for a week.
97. Do 1 Second a day for a year.
98. Redo GCSE maths.
99. Redo GCSE english.
100. Visit a Spa for the day.
101. Complete everything on this list.


  1. I absolutely love these kind of posts - I have my own bucket list and they always give me inspiration!
    I hope you manage to tick these all off :)

    Dani x

    1. They are so fun aren't they? Thank you, I hope you manage too aswell x