Monday, 15 January 2018

Stila Star-Studded Eight Liquid Lipstick Swatches

Hi everyone, today I have a post on the Stila 'Star-Studded Eight' liquid lipstick set that I picked up from Feel Unique in the boxing day sales. If you seen my Beauty Bay wish list at the end of last year, you will of seen that this was on there. When it came to me getting it they had took it off their site and I was gutted. I searched a few sites and finally found it on Feel Unique so I quickly bought it. I got it for about £36 in the sale as it is meant to be £45. 
In the set you get 8 mini liquid lipsticks, 2 are brand new shimmer liquid lipsticks which haven't launched yet.
I was so excited for this to come and to share it with you all.
I am going to review the shades seperetly in their own posts as I haven't used them yet but I have swatched them on my hand for this post and I can tell you, they were a nightmare to remove. They are also full coveraged too and I didn't have to apply much to get the swatches in this post. 
I won't use all the shades in this I don't think but there is a really good variety of colours so there really is something for everyone.

On the top row from left to right we have; Sogno, Rubino, Chianti, Aria, Patina and Perla. I don't think I will get much use out of the first three as they are not the type of colours I normally reach for but I will give them a try out for reviewing! I love the last 3 colours though, they are ones I will get a lot of use out of.

The final two shades are the two new shimmer ones. Beso Shimmer and Patina Shimmer. They are both lovely shades but out of the two I prefer Patina Shimmer.
I can't wait to try these out properly and do reviews on them all for you.

Thanks for reading

Friday, 12 January 2018

Baby Name TAG

Hi everyone, so today I am going to be doing the baby name TAG. I love watching these videos and really wanted to do one on here for you all but wasn't sure if it was something people would like but I ran a poll on twitter and more people said to do it than don't.
I am not pregnant or planning on getting pregnant any time soon but I still really wanted to do this post.

1. What is your favourite boy and girl's name from the top UK names list (2015)? Evelyn and Harry.
2. What is your least favourite boy and girl's name from the top UK names list (2015)? These are just going to be names I personally wouldn't use. Martha and Seth.
2. If you had twins, what would you name them? (G/G, B/B, B/G) Evelyn and Aurora. Harry and Alfie. Evelyn and Harry.
3. If you could change your name to anything, what would it be? I have been sat thinking about this ages now and I can't think of one!
4. You have 4 children, any gender. Their first names all have to
start with the same letter. What would their names be? Alfie, Archie, Aurora, Ava.
5. What's your favourite animal-inspired name? Wren.
6. What's your favourite colour-inspired name? Violet.
7. What are your top 3 favourite boy names? Harry, Alfie, Archie.
8. What are your top 3 favourite girl names? Evenly, Aurora, Evie-Rae.
9. What is your favourite celebrity baby name? I love the Beckhams youngest's name, Harper.
10. What is your ultimate guilty pleasure name? Aurora. I adore that name!
11. What are your most hated baby names? I don't hate any names but there is a few I wouldn't choose for myself. Which tend to be the older names that you don't see many babies called.
12. Choose a baby name based on a food/drink. Cherry.
13. Choose a baby name based on a month. April
14. Choose a baby name from a movie. I'm going to go with Aurora. It's from a Disney movie so it counts, right?
15. Choose a name that is already in your family. Lily, that was my nana's name.
Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Bagged Myself A Bargain Haul!

Hi everyone, so today I am going to be showing you the bargains I got on my trip to town today. I am so pleased with the stuff I got today most the things I wanted were in the sale for brilliant prices so I had to get them. I also picked up two new bags!

From Primark I picked up the Coffee and Orange body scrub. This is something I keep picking up and putting back down every time I'm in Primark but when I seen it was down to only £1 today I knew I had to get it. It normally costs £4. I then went to pick one of the Holler and Glow charge it masks. I then seen that they were reduced to only £1 instead of £3, so I picked up one of each. I didn't think the blue one was in the sale as it had no sticker on but it was! Everything here came to £5! I am so happy with them and can't wait to review them.

I needed a new dry shampoo and I love unicorns so picked this one up to see what it is like. It's an essential product I needed so why not get a fun design one. I am also intrigued as to what Unicorns smell like as this is a unicorn scent. This costs £3.49 which is normal price for dry shampoo.

After seeing everyone rave about the new Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define concealer I was so excited to see my local Superdrug had it in stock so I knew I had to get my hands on it. I also finally got round to getting the Soph x highlighter palette. I have been a huge fan of Soph's videos for the longest time and I had been looking out for her palettes coming in stock and I seen they had them today so I grabbed the highlighter one. I am unsure if I am going to get the eyeshadow palette as I own so many already. There will be reviews of both of these products coming soon! The concealer is £4 and the palette is £8.

River Island
I got a River Island voucher for Christmas and had been wanting to get a new bag. I seen this one on and had kept going back to check it and today they eventually had it in store. The bag costs £26 and my voucher was for £25 so I only paid £1 for the bag. Another bargain!

TK Maxx
Just before I was getting my bus home I decided to pop into TK Maxx to see what beauty products they had in at the moment. There wasn't anything that took my fancy so I decided to have a browse round the rest of the shop and I seen this bag. I instantly fell in love with it and thought it would be perfect for taking on night outs. I didn't want to check the price tag as I know how pricey some bags in there can be but when I looked I was shocked to see it was only £13!! The original price for this was £54! I am so pleased with this purchase and can't wait to start using it when I go out.

Thanks for reading

Monday, 8 January 2018

Primark Holler and Glow Bare Faced Charcoal Face Mask; Review

Hi everyone, today I have a review on another one of the Primark Holler and Glow face masks. I reviewed one of the sheet masks here a few months ago and it is my most popular post yet! So when I picked up a few more of their face masks I knew I had to share them with you again. The first one I am sharing with you is going to be the 'Bare Faced' charcoal mask. First off I love the packaging on this mask. The whole new range of masks have these little pods with fun card round them to hold them in place. I like how in the pod you can see the face mask through it, this one looks like a silver type colour in the packaging. 

First things first, sorry for the wet hair AGAIN. It seems to be every face mask post I do my hair is wet! Okay back to the review.
I applied it with a Primark foundation brush as I find applying them with brushes is so much easier. It goes on a dark grey colour then as it dries it lightens up to the colour that it is in the picture. The mask itself tightens quiet a lot making it hard to move your face. Trust me that half smile in the picture took a lot of effort! I left the mask on for about 15 minutes, waiting for it to turn a lighter grey all over. I then removed the mask with warm water.
Afterwards my skin felt so soft and clean!
I think the Holler and Glow range may be my new favourite face mask range!

Thanks for reading

Friday, 5 January 2018

An Open Letter To...The Teachers Who Put Me Down

Dear teachers who put me down, I remember sitting in an attendance meeting with you and my dad. You asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I told you I wanted to be a midwife. You laughed and told me I had no chance in doing that. I felt gutted. 
We used to have meetings all the time because of my poor attendance, threatening me with punishment for me being ill. You didn't believe me when I was off you all thought I was skiving. I wasn't. I have Fibromyalgia. You didn't care though. You just wanted to scare me into coming school, even though I couldn't.

When it came to my GCSE's, I came in everyday in the holidays to work on stuff for performing arts. But as usual I ended up in hospital. When I came back I was told I wasn't allowed back in the lessons as I had been skiving off, despite the fact I was in hospital. I remember the day I walked into Art to be told ' You might as well give up. You won't even get a D in this lesson.' I walked out with 2 C's! 

In year 11, the year I hated the most because of what you all put me through. Ringing my mum telling her stuff about me that had nothing to do with the school or my mum. It didn't effect my school work but you turned it on me and it made me feel the lowest I felt in a long time. There was no need telling her them things but you did and it really knocked me down. I couldn't go to my lessons as I felt anxious as I was so far behind. I paid my prom deposit and it was something I was looking forward to. Something to aim for. You then gave me the money back and told me I couldn't go because I didn't go to my lessons. It really upset me seeing all my friends going to prom but I wasn't allowed to go.

Now, all I can say to you is a massive F you. I left school and went straight into college to study beauty therapy. I had a job then too. I qualified a year later as a beauty therapist and had a brilliant job in a retail store. 
I was then promoted to a team leader a few months after. I was a team leader at the age of 18! Bet none of you would of ever expected that. 

It's nearly 5 years since I left now and all I can say is thank you. Thank you for putting me down the way you did, I proved you all wrong. I will do nothing with my life ? Okay then! I am happy with how my life is now and I wouldn't change it for the world.
Maybe I don't have a career, I'm not a midwife, I'm not training to be one. But I have a job I love. A hobby that I love.

You putting me down, has made me more ambitious.

Keira Toni

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Lush Chocolate Lip Scrub; Review

Hi everyone today I have a review on the Lush Chocolate lip scrub. I have been a lover of the shop Lush for as long as I can remember. Since moving to my dads I no longer have a bath so I don't really go in there much. I was with one of my friends the other day and we popped into lush, I wasn't planning on getting anything but that was until I found something I had forgot all about, The lip scrubs. 
When I was blogging back in 2013 I was obsessed with the Lush lip scrubs, I had the popcorn and the bubblegum scrubs and I was obsessed with them!
The one I picked up the other day is the Chocolate flavoured one that has orange in it too making it taste and smell just like terry's chocolate oranges, which obviously is a bonus!
I apply a small amount of this to my lip rubbing it in to make sure its scrubbing my lips the best it can. What I love most is that once you have put it on your lips you can lick it off! Meaning you get the taste of chocolate without actually having to eat any.
My lips always feel so soft after using this as well, especially at this time of year when my lips are normally dry.
This has quickly become one of my favourite products again after re-discovering it.
You can find it instore or online at Lush and it costs £5.95.

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Monday, 1 January 2018

Hello 2018.

Hi everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Today I am going to be doing a post sharing with you what I hope to achieve in 2018. I hope that this year is as good if not even better than last year and I hope it is for all of you too.

Pass My Driving Test
This is something that I have been wanting to achieve for the last 3 years or so. After failing my test twice in 2017 I am set on passing it this year. My main aim for it is that if I don't pass by October I have to redo my theory test which I really don't want to do.

Stick To My Blogging Schedule
A few months ago I decided to blog on Monday Wednesday and Friday's so that it gives me time to write up posts and stuff without the pressure of having to post everyday which is what I was originally doing when I started. I hope to stick this schedule throughout 2018 hopefully without missing a single post.

Thanks for reading